this is vault

Otherwise known as a sitemap, but in this case it links to things not available from the main index. There is a lot of secret stuff now because I had been archiving old floppy disk files online that were partially corrupted, but now in a new effort to get a job I have removed these embarassing things from any index. I can't make myself take the actual pages down, since some of them (the masonic stuff) draw about 500 hits a month for me. Would you believe I have had over a million hits in the last year? At some point I may make a "secret" subdirectory, but not today.

100 great comics

100 greater movies

100 good records

100 greatest video games

third world cinema has its own index

my architecture portfolio

some artwork I made

dante translated divine comedy by longfellow thru canto 10

aristotle, dante, fellini cinema's anti-platonic paradigm

my 1st screenplay big d

dex drive saves

hoverboot game drawings

gamefaq galerians walkthrough, maps

gallery of personal photographs

gallery 2 of personal photographs

old gallery of personal photographs

great teachers my humble thanks

jane goodall lecture review at the unity church in dallas

kerr cool movies

semi autobiographical bear bones a better-off unfinished novel

links page

resident evil 3: carlos survival guide: v.1.6

resident evil 3: mikhail survival guide: v.1.1

resident evil 3: nicholai survival guide: v.3.5

dossier, curriculum vitae, or resume simple text

listen to the voice of the doghead

xenogears: speed guide 1.4

mail to:me

i n d e x