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I am very proud of my most most recent thesis study on Ninkyo Dantai in Cinema. I spent eight years unpacking popular Japanese from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that fills the gap between Kurosawa and Sono. I get very excited finding correlations between the Hashimoto Clan and the Fitzgerald Dynasty, and I no longer expect everyone to be able to understand me. I tend to work critically in binary pairs like "pirate versus racketeer," "paleoconservative versus neofeudalist," etc.

My favorite example films for the purpose of critical evaluation: all of the Hibotan Bakuto films, all of the Showa Zankyoden films, all of the Zatoichi films, anything by Shion Sono, anything starring Takakura Ken, anything starring Tomisaburo Wakayama, anything starring Fuji Junko.

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  James "J.R." Kerr
    Dallas, TX. 75214

Academic History 
  • Master of Arts in Film
    published Ninkyo Dantai: Japan Crime Cinema
    Southern Methodist University 2015.

  • Bachelor of Science in Film Production (Radio, TV, Film)
    minors in Architecture and Japanese.
    University of Texas at Austin 1997.

  • Teaching Certificate in Secondary English
   certified to be a "classroom teacher" Univ of Texas at Dallas 2003.
   Added 30 more hours to the 220 hours I already had.

  • Associate's  Program in Multimedia 
   ongoing multimedia software refresher classes
   at Richland Community College since 1998

  • Fine Arts Program
   two semesters in the Arts Administration program
   at Southern Methodist University.

  • School of Architecture
   two semesters at University of Oklahoma (1991-1992) in Studio,
   then two more semesters at UT Austin before I changed my major to Film.

  • Theater Arts
   performed a role for Eric Bentley's "Wannsee" through
   a season at University Texas Dallas (1996).

  • Japanese Language - 6 years
   2 years in high school at Skyline and J.J. Pearce,
   3 years at University Texas Austin (800 kanji written test),
   and then 1 year of refresher coursework at Richland (1998).
Internet Profile
  • gameFAQs recognition page wrote lots of good strategy stuff
  • ebay feedback have score of 300 and counting
  • imdb profile I did not create this and it is not updated
  • IGN game collection map of a happily wasted youth
Career Accomplishments
Production Assistant, Camera Utility,
 Script Supervisor, Extra, and Music Supervisor:
I have been paid crew on about 20 productions 
over the last twenty years through high school and
later in college and then worked uncredited/unpaid
on another dozen or so.
  •  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. CMT. 2006.
  •  Ghetto Blue. Fox Searchlight. Summer 03.
  •  Olympia. King Tomato Productions. Summer 95.
  •  Keys to Tulsa. I.T.C. Films. Fall 94.
  •  Love and a .45. Trimark Pictures. Spring 94.
  •  Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? Fall 1993 iirc.
  •  A Perfect World. Paramount. 1993.
  •  Dazed and Confused. 1993.
  •  Shameless. King Tomato. Spring 93.
  •  Flesh and Bone. Paramount. 1992.
  •  Leap of Faith. Paramount. 1990.
  •  Born on the Fourth of July. 1989.
  •  True Stories. 1986.

10th grade High School English Teacher 
  •  3 years of 10th grade English in Dallas ISD
  •  bought all 450 students their own copy of any
     Shakespearean plays we studied for “close reading.”
  •  Superb performance of students on TAAS/TAKS 
  •  Previous long term vacancy held as
     substitute Geometry teacher at Arts Magnet.
  •  Still work as a substitute sometimes.

Pinkerton Security Patrol Officer (1997)
  • Drove a Jeep around lumber yards in
    Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Secured risk material (wrangled dead bodies)
    at Metro public hospital.
  • Certified for CPR and other First Aid.

Doorman/ Bouncer (1996)
  • Insomnia. 1996. Deep Ellum, TX.  
  • Acropolis + Liberty Lunch. (casual)1992-1994. Austin, TX.

Porter (1995)
  • Unlimited Limited Antique Mall, Midway Rd. Addison, TX. 

Retail Grocery Clerk (1994-1995)
  • Whole Foods Market, Coit Rd. Richardson, TX. 

Retail Video Clerk (1992-1994)
  •  Waterloo Records and Video
     600A N. Lamar. Austin, TX. 

Retail Record Clerk (1991-1992)
  • Shadowplay Records, Main St. Norman, OK. 

Shipping Receiving Manager (1990-1991)
  • Sound Warehouse, Beltline Rd. Dallas, TX. 

Usher and Doorman (1989-1990)
  • General Cinema Theaters, Beltline Rd. Dallas, TX. 

Stocker (1988)
  • Drug Emporium, Beltline Rd. Dallas, TX. 

Furniture Restoration Crew (1988-1998)
  • J+J Antique Mall, US I-80. Sunnyvale, TX. 
    weekend contract job to strip and refinish 
    antique oak pieces imported from English 
    estate sales. Draw-leaf tables. Chairs. 

Newspaper Delivery Boy (1984-1988)
  • Dallas Times Herald. Dallas, TX.
Personal History
  •  Child rights advocate. Oldest child of large special needs
     adoption family (12 of 17 adopted). Lobbied for adoption reform.

  •  Critical awareness of pop culture: published zine articles on
     movies, television, advertising, video games, toys, music, etc.

  •  Competitor on sports teams: four years of collegiate wrestling.
     Two years of varsity sabre fencing.

  •  Completion of foreign language training: 6 Years of Japanese,
     2 years of German, 1 year of French, and  3 months of Bengali.

  •  Classic Auto Restoration: 1958 to 1972. Chevrolet. Plymouth.
     Buick. Oldsmobile. Pontiac. Cadillac. Dodge. Jeep. Chrysler.
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