cecil adams at straight dope debunks urban myths
mark ames at exile.ru uc bekeley expatriot in russia exploits its new freedom
avi adelman at barking dogs rats on dallas bars and greenville drunks
sean baby covers san francisco seanbaby and watches frivolous lawsuits
jello biafra still writes editorials at alternative tentacles
sharon boyd writes dallas arena and flays city hall
mark driver at blind wino is the next bukowski
matt drudge at drudge rounds up world headlines
chris gore at film threat burns hollywood
jeff kay at the west virginia surf report
mike reed defines internet flaming and helps marginalize nuisance
henry rollins has 2.13.61 running more as a shop, but its got the venom
sam sloan is a subversive chess player and a genius.
hunter s. thompson still writes at espn and makes sport political

japanese artist cg amateurs who go pro
atm a cool studio
black fly
colony one kaneda is rocking the house hard!
digital factory i.s. seiji iseda
funky radical world
solid artists in many fields green garage
gouka kenran or its here gouka kenran 2
gumpunch is in on vacation in france, but old index still there
hakua web tag ugetsu hakua is my favorite cg guy. he did the package for ring of red on ps2.
harudaya did disgaea work at harudaya and you gotta look
how to draw manga online shop and stuff
laputa net huge eyes, et al
horaiken illustrator site is doing cool things with frogs
junk painting yoshio sugiura is wild. hundreds of comic book pages
kodomo lolita fetish very disturbing. i love it!
he might be moving the lolita site to here.
rosanna's homepage gotta dig - but it is there
homepage haruka ayanokohji
notsuo's thing cthulu - impressive violence turned to lump of flesh
sasaharagumi did the cg for resident evil code veronica
cool devil girl takamichi hp
yoko tanji - peek-a-boo he's on the move?
kana yamazaki 3d cg left art to do pron? bummer. busted link.
stylized spooky girl art yoka
nomura yoshiharu attic workspace did the big girls for disgaea
d'antiques index of antiques cool finds
knight's edge medieval weaponry and armor
media specialties old cameras

big brother
bbb online sic deadbeats
corcoran field boots are the most comfortable boots
intelligence societies an interesting page on iq societies
alexander karelin russian tax police + olympic medalist
terraserver homepage bill gates is watching us from space
s.e.t.i. at home help find aliens with your computer
the speedtrap registry sic police
perverted justice preys on pedophiles with fake lolitas
mugshots prostitution this week in st. paul

animation of heaven hell in 3-d claymation wackiness
batman superman tas adventures beyond et al
brute propaganda remember those kmfdm album covers?
coop make sticker
doodie it's a long way down from the simpsons...
home star runner everybody everybody strong bad e-mail
buy marco almera gear at poster pop
radi-skull and devil doll the official site
ruby spears still workin
spumco's wonderful world of cartoons has vanished - please e-mail me if you know where they are now

comic shop
amazon.com look here before ebay - okay?
atomic books
caliber comics is busted
dc comics
dark horse network check here first - then ebay
marvel universe find out what is still in print before ebay
paladin press paramilitary bookstore with some cool yet scary things
uncanny x-men media resource online

alan moore official fan site
alazar famous for legs and feet
boneville jeff smith's bone. play whack a rat today
eddie campbell web page is busted
cerebus dot org dave sim site is mia - busted
comic book legal defense fund dennis kitchen + peter kuper
skeleton closet stuffing h.r. giger hurt your eye
hellboy plague of frogs. getting revamped as movie website
metropol official ted mckeever.
minimum wage page bob fingerman shreds.
alan moore fan page everything you want to know
paul pope thb, buzz buzz - the man.
seanbaby's readers comics page gruesome lo-fi fun
the dave stevens page not official but a good fan site
shannon wheeler's too much coffee man hyper human hanuman
bill willingham has his own page at last! elementals, d & d, ironwood

motion pictures arts and science academy of
ain't it cool news harry knowles shreds
the astounding b monster
killed joe sparks atomfilms so i hate them
roger avarys domain killing zoe
tim burton has a placeholder on the web
alex cox made straight to hell and sid + nancy
david cronenberg has a home on the web
atom egoyan has owned the web all along
film threat online chris gore is alive
theforce dot net far cooler than the official star wars site
internet movie database imdb rules. i have page here too!
hal hartley runs possible films when he has time (get back to work)
j g films watch goiter boy
king tomato pictures makers of shameless and olympia. bob byington rules!
beat takeshi kitano at his office online
david lynch official distibutes his own early work
san diego zoo webcam pandacam on pandas
south by southwest sxsw: not who you know, who you blow
ut austin rtf dept
video vault related to pyschotronic
meryl warren does a weekly rag on fsu film pros
wings of desire wim wenders runs a real website

free web + friends
world wide web consortium they define html
yale style manual table of contents
old angelfire mirror site
old fortune city mirror site
old geocities mirror site
forbidden books + video
hotweird follow me to six foot crow
mad benny lo brau ben groves style
p.o.i. points of interest. good zine - movies, weirdness
gathering of the clans: scottish source
hedeoma jennifer holland will eat you
rotting web
perforate yourself at skin and bones
tor scheihagen them new yorkers get crazy
zomboid alex crow

video games
arika made sf ex plus alpha
capcom consumer the .co.jp website's new release page
chu-chu rocket official page
electronics boutique buy and sell
doublejump books is online with the best strategy guides on the planet
jeff veasey game faqs the best site for game faqs.
game faqs jr is my author page
al amaloo at gamewinners more faq
gameforms aftermath of thegia
the smu guildhall is the most expensive way to become an art monkey
ionstorm © "suck it down"
jr visuals shockwave space invaders - my hero
koobifora daleks
lik-sang gaming portal
pro nerds hang out at gamasutra
the magic box got the skinny
minor demons pocket monkey for your palmtop
ms pac man dot com coin op restoration
old man murray ultimate iconoclasts
piercing mildred
rotting web
sega parts official sega parts retailer
tactics ogre fan page
triton labs backlight kit for game boy advance
zophar strong site for emus but no roms

japan misc
amano's world to blame for all androgynous final fantasy art
anime on dvd
oriental astrology
giant robot e-zine on asian things
intertran translate between 729 language pairs
iron mouse hentai and doujinshi extreme
they have mirror sites here and here.
japanese english dictionary server
kodansha books check out the book club
manga adult doujinshi
mozco garash icon the king of all icon
nihon sumo kyokai yeah, sumo wrestlers
taiko supply rolling thunder learn to drum
the official sanrio website home of hello kitty. games too
trauma records
office-kitano web site official beat takeshi at home

magazines and ezines
acme flea circus
ad busters attacks advertising
chickenhead marvelous spoofs
fairness and accuracy in reporting. media watch group.
fortean times
james gleick
grrl bonnie burton rocks hard
mythopoeia the making of myths
nardwuar human serviette website
the onion is not always funny, but they update often
pop culture press got austin skinny and more
the register
kevin savetz computer journalist
slashdot news for nerds: good resource for technical issues
home of straight dope answers for your questions
stile project
the wag online books. oscar wilde would read this
world news the best place to look for/link to global news

the body an aids resource - the undeclared epidemic killing artists i like
center for disease control outbreak?
american lung association
medispec ltd makers of gynetherm and pelvispec
rid a parent's guide to eliminating lice
vivarin says stay awake!

mexican wrestler
highspots sells masks and action figures
lucharan mask on, mask off, daniel-san

movie dot com
the iron giant is not a gun. sob
sid and marty krofft's living island
the lord of the rings
matrix screen saver is the bomb.
resident evil movie site at sony
the x-files
x-men the movie

alternative tentacles records god bless jello biafra
big country the official website
nick cave at official band website
nick cave at mute records
nick cave at reprise records
clan of xymox
cocteau twins
cranes fan forum official website
current 93
doctor octagon
flaming lips official site and my pal from okc days gone by (when mooneyham was in)
foetus dot org
glamour pussies just gross
girls against boys
meat beat manifesto jack is talking
ministry and at this site
nurse with wound
public enemy
pe shutemdown by dean engmann
stereolab official
stereolab fansite
swans official
test dept
t i n d e r s t i c k s

adventists turned judaists grafted in 2 torah
satanist jeweler joe netherworld
jack chick dark dungeons
religious game discourse silent hill asylum
jews for palestine not in my name
jews for palestine if americans knew
palestine chronicle
not a revisionist chomsky faurisson forward
kep ku positive atheism

honda julio homepage
yamaha vino scooter
suzuki verde scooter
00 one click currency conversion
bajaj exporter
bajaj auto
honda search site map
benelli moto
yamaha usa
yamaha usa vino
honda motorcycle index

eye4u active media web design (shockwave flash)
atom vrml
anagrams from wordsmith dot org
audiograbber ripper
austin monkey media gui and flash super heroes
cnet downloads
discovery online hackers hall of fame
figlet ascii art
hewlett packard
mobiles disco like a game
nexus hong kong based sega sony entrepeneur
njp nics javascript page
sonic foundry makers of kick ass sound software
symantec virus much?
zophar emulator resource

action girls guide to female figures
archie mcphee online toy oddities
banpresto shogun warriors
bowen designs make cool statues
cominica princess mononoke figures
e-toys not very good yet. keep checking
fewture models devilman + hideshi hino
figures dot com amazing image archive
fisher price this site doesn't work very well
fisher price adventure people
gargoyles station eight with the creator
jim henson official muppets + henson page
hobbylink japan home page resin
japan tin toy institute
just be japanese toy resource
kotobukiya art fx final fantasy
maschinen krieger web sf3d
mobydick co jp making beautiful resident evil action figures
mooneyes rat fink homepage vroom vroom
muppet central
muppet world
ningyoushi's workshop japanese boutique bounty hunter etc
palisades resident evil + muppets + micronauts
ori-tech japanese toys ala sf3d and microman
plastic dreams a good toy shop back east
star wars action figure stands buy me hundreds please
toy syndicate good source for the newest toys
toy time

amish rake fight
the bomb crash
chaos hell scary
church of the subgenius ivan stang presiding
cruel site of the day get out much?
drop squad
erotic fruit
japanese engrish and also here
gay sex writing expert
gothic dot net not gothic, cool
head-hunting gallery jivaro and more
internet crime archives murder junkies. turn your volume down
insult monger
repository for flame ammo jolly dwarf
laughing lynx weird + funny eros
losers dot org cruel critics
mc hawking you down with entropy?
mensa nerds.
milk kommunications ko-op
moller sky-car
mullets galore
mutter museum at roadside america
new york trash
oddly enough at yahoo reuters
people's photos may be moving, trim url
phone bashing
pinstruck digital voodoo send a curse to someone you love today
real doll surgery
rectal foreign bodies the butt x-ray page
roadside america visit weird places in america
some idiot is smoking sage salvia whatever
mark ryden scares me
spork dot org
superbad design gluttony
survival research laboratories
talana gamah and ieish corsets and more
tang monkey
animal voices torture cruelty and bad things
wildeyes - wicked contacts true oddity
without sanctuary lynchmob postcards

bamm bay area model mugging - impact fight back
booty babe art sculpture sales of the big woman
bust zine for pop poli-sci girls
dr. ducky sex science
game girlz online
jane goodall institute not civil rights per se; but my favorite living woman
gynecare home page info a rama
mammogram subsidies breast cancer
museum of menstruation and women's health best thing on the web
soap box girls
planned parenthood a necessary evil, i prefer adoption

world submit see who they submit to; then do it yourself
big hub mega search the web
dictionary dot com
switchboard who's that callin'
whatis dot com a really good place to ask 'what is this?'

some helpful shortcuts you should bookmark:
bid retraction
end auction
announce board
report contraband items spank poor quality bootlegs
final auction value fee credit request favfcr
do this instead of negative feedback


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