John D.H. Downing teaches a class on Third World Cinema at the University of Texas at Austin. I took this class 3 times! He shows stuff that is otherwise unavailable. The following writings are the assignments for watching each movie. I am still missing some of them - data corrupted; but I still have hard copy and I'll be adding them all here soon. Why am I doing this? I hope to get others interested in these films. We should all be able to watch Iranian movies that are available either from the library or from Blockbuster. Really.


Bashu Iran

Battle Of Chile

Beyond the Walls

Bhavni Bhavai

Company Limited Satyajit Ray - India

The Dupes

Dust in the Wind China

How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman Cannibalism as National Allegory

Kaadu India

The Last Supper

The Lin Family Shop China

Memories of Underdevelopment T.G. Alea - Cuba

The Other Francisco

Strawberries and Chocolate Cuba

27 Down India

Two Stage Sisters China

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Gabriela Garcia Marquez - Mexico

Up To A Certain Point Cuba

Wedding in Galilee Israel

Xica De Silva amazing...


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