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  pinky my 16mm student film

second film licking stick english + japanese script and photos

hover-boot tube stomper video-game concept art

watch a couple cool movies that I made

browse my dossier for curriculum vitae

read the script for big d - abandoned feature film

stunning architecture that I drafted

camera + film + scanner = gallery

different artwork in odd media

a copywriter's adbook unsigned contract with satan

j.r. kerr writes

silent hill 3 speed guide for extreme mode

resident evil 3 survival guide to nicholai

100 greater movies improve on the AFI's list

100 great records to listen to

100 greatest video games needs to be updated

100 best comic books to collect and read

third world cinema from the world you live in

dex drive saves copies of some amazing game save files

more links than you can shake a stick at

a vault of miscellaneous documents


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